''Sadiye worked weekly with a child in my class who struggled with expressing his emotions particularly with a change of routine. This meant he would often present with anger or reclusively. After working with Sadiye, the child was able to concentrate for sustained periods of time and smiled so much more. The child also began to express himself more confidently and just seemed happier and was a delight to have in the classroom. ''

''Sadiye has provided us with supportive play therapy here at school for over a year. She has created very stimulating environments for the children to experience during their sessions with a wealth of resources and equipment available for them to use to express themselves. The children have really enjoyed and benefitted from their sessions from both questionnaire evidence and also teacher and parent reports. Sadiye has also provided detailed and useful feedback to both parent and school. '' 

''Fear is a reminder to take a deep breath and let go into the present moment where the love of the universe is a constant support.''

-Joan Borysenko


''My daughter felt so comfortable talking to Sadiye.  It was a safe space for her to vent, and express her concerns and fears.  Her behaviour and in particular her friendships with others really improved during the time period she was in play therapy.  We are really pleased with her experiences!  ''